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About Us

The Filipino Students’ Association of the UTSA promotes unity and brotherhood among various students of different backgrounds, not only of Filipino origin, but as a cultural student organization which aims to enhance awareness of the Filipino culture in the university, to foster goodwill and to develop a working relationship with the students of UTSA and to achieve academic excellence in our fields and endeavors.

FSA has grown to be a very active non-profit cultural organization in the University of Texas at San Antonio campus as a Registered Student Organization. FSA promotes its mission statement with cultural performances and social gatherings as well as attending camaraderie events in relevance to Filipino culture. Through our strong membership and support from former members, FSA has enhanced the San Antonio student community and continues to do so.

What is Isang Mahal/ Goodphil

Isang Mahal

The FSA at Texas A & M, PhilSA, hosts Isang Mahal, an annual talent show celebrating the Filipino Heritage month of October.

In Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines, "Isang Mahal" translates to "One Love". To promote this idea of "One Love",  Every year they invite artists of any culture to compete in dance, music, poetry, or any form of performing art. 
Isang Mahal is not limited to the Filipino culture but is open to any variety of talent in order to promote unity among all cultural groups.


GOODPHIL brings schools together to compete in cultural, modern, spirit, & sports! GOODPHIL‌ is also one of the biggest highlights in every FSA’s calendar, bringing together a ton of people both performers and audiences alike. It is a yearly competition that all members are able to showcase their abilities while competing against other FSA-schools within Texas and Oklahoma. Whether you decide to go perform onstage - as part of the SPORTS, MODERN, or SPIRIT teams - or compete in indoor AND outdoor sports in our teams of male, female or CO-ED, we take pride to represent ourselves as UTSAFSA.

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