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Join The Pamilya

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I have to be Filipino?

Nope, not at all. We are here to educate you on the Filipino culture.  Our organization is open to EVERYONE! Diversity is key to our success. Our FSA is full of students from different backgrounds. We welcome each and every person with open arms and a warm smile!

  • How do I join?

In the beginning of fall semester, we usually recruit. Find us tabling or you can simply come to our meetings and/or talk to an officer. We have meetings every OTHER Thursday. You can check our Instagram or our Twitter for updates on when and where those are held. 

  • Why FSA?

FSA is great way to network. We have multiple social, fundraiser and service events throughout the year that provide these opportunities (you can put these on your resumé!). You will also meet new people from other FSAs around Texas and other students from other organizations at UTSA as we host events together. Along with that, you will gain life-long  friends that are like family.

  • Families?

Family is very important in the Filipino culture. Our FSA currently has 6 families all with different interest. Each family runs differently but here is the basic breakdown– As you "ading", a younger sibling, receive a family, you also receive a "Kuya", which is an older brother and/or an "Ate", an older sister. In the end, you have a mentor(s) or an older sibling figure that will support you and look after you. 

  • Are there scholarship opportunities?

Yes! The amounts are not noted as our organization is a non-profit and cannot give a set amount. The amount is up to you and your fellow peers as members must assist in fundraising activities to boost the pot! In order to receive the scholarship, certain requirements must be met.  This scholarship is dedicated to one of our beloved members and is awarded to two outstanding members at the end of each semester.

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